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Update the Publish Settings

There are two things you can modify in the workflow. The publish directory and the blog repository.

  • BLOG_REPO: Next.JS app repository template that is used to publish your markdown notes. This is useful when you create your own custom linked blogDeploy a custom version of the linked-blog-starterBy the end of this tutorial, you will have a custom version of the linked-blog-starter that deploys to Vercel Fork the repository and get it to run locally First, we want to fork the linked-blog-starter repo, then install and run it locally. Note: Update with your own repository link 1. Clone this repo by running git clone 1. cd linked-blog-starter 1. npm install 1. npm run dev 1. Go
  • PUBLISH_DIR: The folder that is published to the linked blog. All files and attachments in this folder will be published on the web

Go into .github/workflows/publish.yml in your forked repository forked from linked-blog-starter-md and update the environment variables to your desire publish-dir-yml.png