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linked-blog-starter does not reinvent the wheel

I'm not a fan of reinventing the wheelReinventing the WheelIn programming, the phrase "reinventing the wheel" refers to the act of writing code to implement a function or feature that already exists in a library or framework. For example, if a programmer writes a function to sort a list of numbers when there is already a sorting function available in the standard library, they would be said to be "reinventing the wheel.", thus, I've searched for the best libraries out there to help me make this website. Here are a few external libraries I used:

Converting MD to HTML


  • Obsidian Git to help with publishing notes from within the Obsidian VaultThe Easiest Way to Connect Your Obsidian Vault with GithubI watched a few videos on how to setup the obsidian-git plugin and it feels like most of them overcomplicate the process. So I decided to write a set of instructions and a video to show how easy it to accomplish this even if you have no idea what "git" is. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to sync your notes from Obsidian to Github for free! 1. Create a repository or fork the md repo in github 1. Download Git 1. Create a personal access token from git